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About Us

Congo Coffee & Toronto Beignets

First of its kind, Congo Coffee & Toronto Beignets (Coffee & Beignets) is the only coffee shop serving Toronto beignets. Experimenting with different recipes, Founder Nia Bangala was able to come up with the perfect recipe for beignets that's crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The key step to achieving this balance of textures is to have the dough rest for two days. While these sweet treats are usually dusted with powdered sugar, we take it to the next level by introducing an array of different syrups and sauces to add another flavour profile to our beignets. 

We also specialize in direct trade coffee from Congo. We believe that it's important to recognize the coffee bean farmers from Congo and their hard work. One of our main values is to sustainably source our coffee beans and ensure that we are always giving back to the global community. These deep roots of humanitarian acts can be traced back to Nia's personal beliefs. 

About the Owner

Nia Bangala is a Canadian Congolese social entrepreneur, humanitarian and the founder of ‘Congo Coffee & Toronto Beignetsʼ - A one stop coffee and beignet shop that is making waves on the Toronto scene. Prior to becoming a small business owner, Nia has explored a variety of different jobs in the fitness and real estate industry, but her true passion is introducing The Original Toronto Beignets which is like no other, to the world. A blend of all her heritages, Born in Belgium, to Congolese parents, she moved to Toronto at the tender age of 14, Toronto is her home. She attributes her unique, original and patented recipe to her Toronto upbringing. To the many High schools Nia attended, she went to Mgr-De-Charbonnel, Archbishop Romero and graduated High school from Central Technical school of Toronto. She points out that she attended Jarvis Collegiate and Harbor Collegiate night schools but many of her friends went to French Jarvis before it was split to College Francais.

She then went on to Brock University and took business courses at Niagara College.

Due to the current pandemic and the state of the economy, Nia was forced to close her business temporarily, but that did not stop her from changing her strategy, pivot, adapt and embrace the next normal. With a powerful comeback in the middle of a pandemic, she reminds us that tenacity, passion for what you do can open so many doors and lead to beautiful outcomes.

First of its kind, Congo Coffee & Toronto Beignets (French for doughnut or donut) the only coffee shop specializing in Direct trade Congo coffee and serving the original Toronto Beignets (Freshly made on order donuts). Our donuts are so amazing we patented the recipe! The new official Toronto Beignet.