Congo Coffee & Toronto Beignets

At Coffee & Beignets, We specialize in direct trade only Congo single origin coffee and freshly-made beignets.

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Toronto's Favourite Beignets

Sharing is caring”, is our Motto here at Congo Coffee.

We want to invite you to our kitchen and share the best of ourselves with you, in hopes that you would do the same
by giving someone you care about a box of Beignets as a  token of your affection.

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Truly a hidden gem. The owner was incredibly nice. The order was ready super fast and the beignets were delicious. They are better than any donut I've ever had. Best donuts in the city!

Leah Lordon

Have tried both the hot and iced coffee, along with the beignets and loved them all! This has become a regular place for me to order from since quarantine. Nia, the owner, is also very friendly :)

Danielle H.

Exuding warmth and full of stories (told enthusiastically with a smile), the owner of this tiny shop is a delight. Her wares are sinfully good so pop by (or even order ahead) for a delicious treat.

Andrew Cole

I ordered a caramel latte and 5 beignets (mikate) with Nutella on the side. The outside was crispy, inside soft. So good! I will definitely be back. It also helps that the owner is really sweet!

Orelie D.

Never had beignets before - these guys have hooked me onto them! Tiny little window but really nice food. Chap we met on Wed night was so friendly and nice - had a nice chat! This is a great place to sample some nice dough!

Jubin Chheda

My wife and I walked by this little place and decided to give it a try... And, boy am I glad we did! I have never had beignets before, but I'm now absolutely in love with them! My goodness, they're good! I am so coming back for more soon!

Michael Chen

Best jewel in Toronto. My two favourite pleasures. Coffee and beignets. Amazing energy and passion from the owner and operator. I will definitely be back and let everyone know.

Stephen Truong

Thanks for the beignets. They were very good! I bought you some while going to my gig at Ed Mirvish theater! Looking forward to come back there next time I'll be in Toronto!

Antoine Beux